Fostering the Love of Reading - My Brave Year of Firsts! /Studio 455 Photography, Central Wisconsin Photographer

In March, our book of the month donation to The Patterson Memorial Library was, "My Brave Year of Firsts, tries, sighs and high fives" by the #1 best selling team Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. This is a SUPER cute book about a little girl who learns to ride her bike, gets her first pet, goes off to school, has her first camping trip and more. While the majority of the book focuses on good firsts, the book also deals with disappointing firsts - like the first time Frankie got caught in a lie.  My Brave Year of Firsts is a good look at the many firsts that a child experiences. The watercolor illustrations are as endearing as they are funny. The whole book should put a big old smile on your face. Check it out at Patterson Memorial Library - it is available in the children's department.